List of Korean Food

김치 (kimchi)
갈비 (galbi)
감자탕 (gam ja tang)
감자탕 (gam ja tang)
김밥 (kimbap)
김치찌개 (kimchi jjigae)
깐풍기 ( ggan poong gi)
냉면 (naeng myun)
닭도리탕 (dak do ri tang)
돈까쓰 (don katsu)
돌솥비빔밥 (dol sot bibimbap)
된장찌개 (dwen jang jjigae)
떡볶기 (dduk bbok gi)
라볶기 (ramyun + dduk bbok gi)
보쌈 (bo ssam)
부대찌개 (boo dae jjigae)
불고기 (bul go gi)
비빔밥 (bibimbap)
삼겹살 (sam gyup sal)
설렁탕 (sul lung tang)
순두부 찌개 (soon doo boo jjigae)
육개장 (yook gae jang)
잡채 (jap chae)
짜장면 (jja jang myun)
짬뽕 (jjam bbong)
차돌배기 (cha dol bae gi)
탕수육 (tang soo yook)

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this the list of food. But I guess it will also help if you also add a bit more description about each food including its ingredients and also a photograph of each of these food items.

    Also please add a list of the street food items which is so commonly available in Korea..

    • will do soon as I can. So many things to upload and so little time. Thanks for your suggestions Breeze

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