Wonder Girls reveal feelings about Sunmi’s departure

Amid the pandemonium that followed Wonder Girls‘ Sunmi announcing her departure from the beloved girl group, the other members, Sunye, Yeeun, Sohee and Yoobin have revealed their personal feelings and reactions to Sunmi’s decision.

According to this report, Sunmi has long expressed her regrets about missing a normal life; after all, her schooling life was cut short  years back with the training period that the members underwent prior to their debut. “It’s hard to be away from your family when you’re young, so I understand Sunmi’s feelings,” Sohee, who is the same age as Sunmi, said.

The Wonder Girls revealed their shocked reaction when Sunmi announced her departure.

Like the fans … we initially panicked and said that Sunmi would regret it if she ended it here, and we asked her to be strong for a little more time. But then we had to think about what was really best for Sunmi. We thought about it for a long time and then told our company.

About the fans that are blaming JYP for bringing us to America “too soon.  We dreamed about stepping into America as we dreamed about being singers. We were scared that it was a bit early but it was something we wanted to do.

Sunmi of the Wonder Girls is important but Sunmi the individual is also important. Sunmi knows what’s best for her own life. We couldn’t hold on to her and know that she might regret staying as part of the Wonder Girls later. We wouldn’t be able to deal with that guilt.

Hae Lim probably won’t be able to fill Sunmi’s spot instantly because Sunmi has been with us for four to five years but she has a lot of potential.

It’s not true that one of the members cried on stage in China. Half of the rumors going on right now are false.

Sunmi has not quit the group, she’s just taking a break. Also, Hae Lim is now an official Wonder Girls’ member. If Sunmi wants, we will welcome here whenever.

It had to be five members because we can’t fill up for Sunmi’s spot. If we did, it’d be like Sunmi’s spot was never needed. Also, a six member group with Sunmi is very possible. Taking away members is a bad thing but adding is a good thing.

Sunmi didn’t come with us to Korea because we thought Sunmi and the fans would be really hurt if they saw each other.

The four Wonder Girls also held a meeting with a fan representative regarding 2PM that same afternoon.

After hearing the Wonder Girls themselves speaking out at this event, have your opinions changed? Do you think this is JYPE’s fault or not?

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  1. It was a personal decision. Let her go, the show must go on and there is no one to be blamed.

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