The 'Days'

Valentine’s Day, a day for all couples and people who are in love, may be celebrated all over the world. In Korea as well, of course, but did you know that there are other ‘Day’s every month, too? For those who have been in Korea during November, you might have experienced a day when all the stores were selling choco sticks (or similar) as if were a national choco stick selling day. Actually, those choco sticks are snacks with the name ‘Pepero’ and that day was ‘Pepero Day’, the day when people give pepero to each other. Below are some other days listed.

Jan 14 – Diary Day (다이어리 데이) : Couples give each other planners or diaries for the new year.
Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day (발렌타인 데이): The girl gives the man she loves chocolate.
Mar 14 – White Day (화이트 데이) : The guy gives the girl he loves candies.
Apr 14 – Black Day (블랙 데이): People who are single eat Jjajang-myeon(noodle with black sauce) and cheer each other up.
May 14 – Rose Day (로즈 데이): Couples give each other roses.
Jun 14 – Kiss Day (키스 데이): Couples kiss each other. (Seems it is THE day for ‘fresh’ couples to take the courage and kiss.)
Jul 14 – Silver Day(실버 데이) : Couples give each other silver rings (or anything else that is silver).
Aug 14 – Green Day(그린 데이) : Couples enjoy the forests, cooling down the summer heat.
Sep 14 – Photo Day(포토 데이) : Couples take anniversary pictures.
Oct 14 – Wine Day(와인 데이) : Couples go out and drink wine.
Nov 11 – Pepero Day(빼빼로 데이) : People give each other pepero.
Nov 14 – Movie Day (무비 데이): Couples enjoy a movie.
Dec 14 – Hug Day (허그 데이): Beloved ones hug each other.

The most popular days are Valentine’s Day, White Day, Black Day and Pepero Day, and to be honest, most of Koreans don’t even know what the other Days are. It seems like companies got their inspiration from chocolate factories which make a decent amount of money every Valentine’s Day. (I think so, because all those days’ names are in English which might come from Valentine’s Day, which is not Korean.)Above all of them, Lotte, the company that makes Pepero, makes probably the most profit out of ‘its’ day.

Some people think it is weird, and some people think it’s fun that there are so many days, but first of all, those are days that were made up plainly by general people, maybe in hope to create some other Valentine’s Day.
Second, it’s just for fun. You might already know that Korean people still are shy in expressing their feelings and for lots of them it is even hard to catch the right timing to do so. Nobody knows the origin of all those Days, but maybe some romantic but shy one made up certain reasons(D-Days) for  himself/herself and others followed him.
Third, those days may look as if they are just for couples, but in reality, even if you are not, you exchange roses, chocolate, candies and so on with your friends, too. (Nah, silver wear would be a little hard..) The point is to take your time just for a short while to show your beloved ones your love and care.

So, how about handing out some candies next March 14th? Maybe people who weren’t so close to you are coming a little closer, who knows 😉

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  1. Thanks for sharing these days.. your blogs are really informative and the best way to learn about the korean culture… Please keep adding more.

  2. Thank you Breeze for the kind words. At least one person appreciates what we do here. ^^

  3. Thank you Breeze! Let us know if there’s anything else you want to know more about.

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