Ji-Won Eun Wedding

Singer Ji-Won Eun(32), former member of SechsKies is going to marry his two year older first love Ms. Lee from high school.

According to people from Ji-Won Eun’s agency on the 17th, the couple is looking for a wedding hall in Hawaii, where the two met for the first time. His agency adds that ‘their upcoming marriage is well known among celebrities. The wedding day is not set yet, since they are still looking for a wedding hall.’

Ms. Lee is a friend of soccer star Dong-Guk Lee’s brother-in-law and worked at the same store as Ji-Won Eun when both lived in Hawaii. She was his first love. The two broke up but after some time, Ji-Won Eun saw her picture on singer J’s homepage and took the courage to sent her a memo. This was the start of a reunion for now about 1 year.

Ji-Won Eun has announced his plans to marry Lee before during the interviews about the release of his 5th album.

“My love may be revealed, but there’s nothing to be inconvenient.” he says. “My girlfriend thinks one step ahead of me, maybe because she is older than me. But that makes me have full respect for her. She’s like a friend and sometimes like a mother with her considerate heart. There are lots of sides that make me feel that such a person is a spouse. I want to have my junior as soon as possible. Even after marriage, I want to live like we’re dating.”

2 Responses

  1. getting married all the way in Hawaii..
    So does that make Eun Ji Won an American Kyop??

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