Vote for John Park

American Idol and Hollywood needs a good slap in the face.  Tuesday night demonstrated the realities of Hollywood and that it really is about looks.  After John Park had performed, the judges were trying to say without really saying it was that they can’t market an Asian male and they tried softening the language by saying he was challenged with “believability” and that his performance would soon be forgotten.  Sadly, Simon was the cruelest in his comments by telling him that he’ll most likely be going home this week.  That’s even before seeing the other contestants perform – John had only been the second performance of the night and it wasn’t even an awful performance.  It was what Simon really wants and it’s because he can’t market John and he’s already dismissed him.  It became even more obvious as the judges noted how some of the singers were presentable and “commercial,” and they would make references to a performers looks.  That further validates the underlying issue here with American Idol and John Park’s chances with the judges.  Can he sing?  He sure can.

However, not was all lost on Tuesday night as they had a pre-roll video of John Park’s life before his performance.  John was born in Chicago and he grew up speaking Korean because he moved to Korea as a youngster.  He returned to Chicago during the 4th grade and the rest is history.  He shared during the interview by Ryan Seacrest that it was difficult standing up in front of the judges the previous week and hearing their critiques of his performance.

This week, he decided to stick to his guns and sing John Mayer’s “Gravity.”  The song appeared to allow him to show more of his vocal range.  He seemed a bit more relaxed and maybe it was because it was the pace of the song or a song that was within his range.  Unfortunately, the judges were not to kind to his performance.

Randy said there was “Nothing new or spicy to it.”

Ellen said it was “so much better of a song choice,” but he needed “a little more soul into it.”

Kara noted how it was “way better than last week”.  She was concerned with “the connection.”  She encouraged him “to let loose” and “to take risks.”

Simon was naturally the harshest and said there was “nothing to get excited about” and he “struggle with the believability.”  BOO SIMON!

So I plead with all of you, please VOTE for John Park so we can give the guy a shot to prove himself to America.

From Korean Beacon

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  1. I havent heard him sing yet.. I shall check it out..

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