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  1. Hi! How are you? Hm… I just want to know about the attitudes of Koreans. Do they like foreigners? And much more… Do they bow very low? Please answer my questions and please add more information. Please email me or send me a message on Facebook. Thank You.

    • Hi Dulcedhel,
      Thank you for asking your question.
      Most Korean like foreigners very much. If they don’t know how to speak English, they might be shy to talk to you but overall they like foreigners. You don’t have to bown very low to someone you are meeting. About 15 degrees is ok.

  2. Hmm, how much do you think I need to spend for a budget trip in Seoul for a week? excluding plane ticket (of course) and accommodations…haha. just an estimate. thanks ^^

    • Hi Marga,
      Nice to see you here!
      I would say your meal would cost around 10-20,000won / day.
      Transportation would cost around 10,000won / day.
      Sightseeing depends on where you go but most places are free or have very low entrace fee.
      So, basicall for food and transportation would cost around 150,000won which is around $140.
      I hope this will help you out.
      Good Luck!

  3. I love this site…. especially the food!! I haven’t been back since I left 30 years ago…. This site is a nice, fun way of getting back in with my kimchi crowd…. Keep up the good work…. ; )

    • Thanks Julian!
      I really appreciate your wonderful comment.
      We will try our best to bring you the best of best of Korea. ^^

  4. Hi! Peter and kimch friends!
    It is J, Korean.
    Now I have been staying for 4months in Brazil to participate a project. When I go back to Korea, I would like to keep studying Portuguese and also spanish(actually I have never studied Spanish so far but I have a plan to study in the future).
    If is there a way to exchage Korean and Spainsh or Portuguese?

  5. Hi Peter,

    Me and my friends are scheduled to visit Seoul & Incheon this May 2010.
    I’d like to seek some help from you coz i need to visit a friend in this address below:

    4-1 Yuwol Dong Ujeong-go Bucheon City Gyeonggi-Do South Korea

    Can you give me the directions on how to reach that address if i’m coming from the airport?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Anna,
      Your best bet is when you come out of the airport, go to the Limousine bus ticketing desk at exit 4 and ask for the bus that goes to that address.

  6. Hi peter Is There a Job/company in korea Where they Accept INformation techonologist???

    • Hi Iren!
      There are a lot of information techonologist positions in Korea but you must speak Korean.

      • Do they use English????i have to study hangul!!!!…but i really want to work in korea!!!!

  7. Hello, I’m searching for name of famous korean singer. Crazy white curly hair, raspy voice, around 60y.o

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