Koreans in New Zealand

Koreans in New Zealand.

Need help in making Movie about Korea

We need help in making Movie about Korea.

If you are interested in helping us please e-mail us or fill out the information below.

We need the followings:
1. Movie Editor – Person who is good at editing movies.
2. Equipment – We need to rent or borrow equipment for film production. 
3. People to interview about Korea.  You can be from anywhere in the world.
4. Also need suggestions about what you would like to see in the movie.  For example: Sights, Celebrities, Subway systems, etc…

If you are intrested please leave us your name and contact details here in the details below
or E-mail us at kimchicrew@gmail.com

1. Name
2. E-mail/phone number
3. What you can help us with?

한국에 대한 영화를 만들기 위해 여러분의 참여를 기다립니다.

참여하실 분은 아래 정보를 채워서 이메일로 연락주시기 바랍니다.
여러분의 많은 관심과 지원을 기다립니다.

1. 영화편집자 – 영화, 영상 편집을 잘 하시는 분.
2. 장비 – 영화 제작에 필요한 장비를 유/무료로 대여해주실 분
3. 한국에 대해 인터뷰할 분. 현 거주지는 전세계 어디시든 상관 없습니다.
4. 또한, 영화 속에서 무엇을 보고 싶어하시는지, 여러분의 의견을 듣고 싶습니다. 예: 명소, 연예인, 지하철 체계 등…
관심있으신 분은 이름과 연락처, 그리고 관심 분야를 아래와 같이 적어서 이메일로 보내주시기 바랍니다. kimchicrew@gmail.com

1. 이름
2. 이메일 주소/전화번호
3. 참여하고 싶은 분야


Year of the Color Blue

The year 2010 seems to be the year of the color blue. It started with the worldwide box office hit “Avatar,” which rewrote box office history since it was released at the end of last year. Korean skaters at the Vancouver Olympics also wore blue, and the color is appearing as the main hue in the luxury fashion boutiques of New York and Paris, and in accessories, cosmetic lines, furniture, and kitchen appliances.

There is a reason for this. Color company Pantone picked turquoise as the color of the year for 2010, supposedly because it reflects the desire of people to regain hope amidst signs of economic recovery. “It is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky,” the firm said. “Turquoise transports us to an exciting, tropical paradise while offering a sense of protection and healing in stressful times.”

As in terms such as blueprint, blue ocean, and blue chip show, blue is often associated with the ideal, hope and a bright future. There are 111 types of blue from indigo to ultra marine, and despite subtle differences, all symbolize trust and hope. In her book “Wie Farben Wirken (How Colors Work)” the German writer Eva Heller wrote that blue has the highest level of preference and the lowest level of dislike among the public. She found that 46 percent of men and 44 percent of women liked blue whereas just 1 percent of men and 2 percent of women disliked it.

Blue projects a sense of security as well as professionalism and trust. Many global companies like Samsung, AT&T and BMW use blue as the main color in their logo.

Blue also represents success. Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yu-na wore blue dress in her winning free program. Her choice was not inconsiderate of the “Olympic blue” magic. From 1998 until 2006, women gold medalists in figure skating all wore blue dresses in the free skate.

In ancient Rome, blue was associated with the barbarians. But the breakthrough came in the 19th and 20th centuries with the expansion of the jeans industry. Color therapists say blue has painkilling effects. Dark blue adds elegance and grace, and turquoise beauty. Therapists also recommend looking at the sky or at a blue screen on the computer when the eyes get tired.

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Ji-Won Eun Wedding

Singer Ji-Won Eun(32), former member of SechsKies is going to marry his two year older first love Ms. Lee from high school.

According to people from Ji-Won Eun’s agency on the 17th, the couple is looking for a wedding hall in Hawaii, where Continue reading

Yu-Na Kim Wins Gold

Yu-Na Kim Wins Gold at the Olympics

Korean world champion Kim Yu-na won the gold medal in the women’s figure skating competition in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on Friday (KST).

It is the first time that Korea has grabbed the Olympic gold medal in the figure skating and it is the second in Asia.

she gave a stellar free skate performance, dazzling the judges who gave her a score of 150.06, another new world record, and shattering the 200 point mark  with a score of 228.56 points.

Mao Asada, Kim’s arch rival from Japan, scored 205.50 points, winning the silver medal and Canada’s Joannie Rochette got the bronze with a score of 202.64 points.

You can Watch Yuna Kim Skating performance at the link below:
Watch Yuna Kim Video Here

Kim Yu-na Finishes Short Program with World Record Score

Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na has proved that she is the heavy favorite for a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Kim Yu-na fished first in the ladies’ single short program at the Pacific Coliseum on Tuesday with a new world record of 78.5 points. Performing to a James Bond medley, she scored 44.7 points in executed elements and 33.8 points in factored program components.

Her arch rival Mao Asada of Japan trailed Kim with 73.78 points, followed by Canada’s Rochette Joannie (71.36 points) and Japan’s Miki Ando (64.76 points). Korean figure skater Kwak Min-jung was placed 16th with 53.16 points.

The free skating event will be held on Friday.

You can watch Yuna’s performance at the link below.
Click here to watch Video

Korea Wins 2 Golds in 500

Korean speed skater Lee Sang-hwa won the women’s 500 meters speed skating Olympic title Wednesday, ahead of Germany’s Jenny Wolf and China’s Wang Beixing.

Lee notched a combined time of 76.09secs for her two runs, 38.24 and 37.85 respectively, just 0.05 seconds ahead of Wolf. Wang’s time was 76.63 seconds.

“I have to say I was very lucky today,” Lee told reporters after the win. “Wolf and Wang are very good skaters and are better than me. It’s hard for me to believe that I got gold today,” she said.

Four years ago Lee left the ice in tears at the in Turin Games at her Olympic debut after missing bronze medal by 17 hundredths of a second.

This year, however, she has been expected to make a big surprise as she has shown consistency in her results, hitting podium finishes in international competitions and standing third in the world rankings, according to the Yonhap news.

She took gold in the women’s 500m speed skating event at the 2009 Winter Universiade in China and won the 2010 world championship tournament by finishing first in the 500m event.

Korea has now won both the men’s and women’s 500 meter races at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Lee Seung-hoon also collected a silver medal in the men’s 5,000 on Sunday.