Coffee Prince / 커피프린스

커피프린스 / Coffee Prince
Also known as: Coffee Prince
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 17 + 1 Special Episode
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 2007-Jul-02 to 2007-Aug-28
Air Time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Choi Han Kyul, played by Gong Yoo, is the cocky son of a rich family who runs a food corporation. He doesn’t believe in love and certainly doesn’t want to get married despite his family’s requests. On the other hand, Go Eun Chan, played by Yoon Eun Hye, is a 24-year old tomboyish female who gets mistaken as a guy quite often. She takes up every job possible – waitress, food deliverer, etc – and has the responsibility of taking care of her mother and younger sister. Eun Chan accidentally meets Han Kyul twice, once on a delivery and once during a robbery. During the robbery, Eun Chan’s delivery motorcycle ends up being damaged. Han Kyul, not knowing that Eun Chan is actually a girl, decides to hire Eun Chan as a false “lover” so that he can escape the blind dates arranged by his grandmother. Meanwhile, Han Kyul’s cousin, Choi Han Seong, is an established music producer and his ex-girlfriend Han Yoo Joo, who Han Kyul secretly loved for nine years, is a famous artist who studied in New York. The two were lovers for about 8 years but their relationship ended when Yoo Joo broke up with Han Seong. Two years after they separated their paths cross again when Yoo Joo returns to Seoul.

After getting an ultimatum from his grandmother, Han Kyul takes over a run-down old coffee shop, later renamed Coffee Prince, to prove his ability, both to his grandmother and Yoo Joo. In order to attract female customers, he only hires good looking male employees. In a struggle with money, Eun Chan, whom Han Kyul has already mistaken as a boy, hides her gender identity to get a job at Coffee Prince. Soon feelings start to spark between Eun Chan and Han Kyul. Because he’s unaware that Eun Chan is a girl, Han Kyul starts to question his sexuality.


Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan
Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Han Sung
Chae Jung Ahn as Han Yoo Joo

Extended Cast

Kim Ja Ok as Han Kyul’s mom
Choi Il Hwa as Han Kyul’s dad
Kim Young Ok as Han Kyul’s grandmother
Park Won Sook as Eun Chan’s mom
Kim Chang Wan as Mr. Hong (ex-Coffee Prince president)
Kim Jae Wook as No Sun Ki
Kim Dong Wook as Jin Ha Rim
Lee Un as Hwang Min Yeop
Lee Han Wie as Mr. Ku (the butcher that likes Eun Chan’s mom)
Han Yeh In as Go Eun Sae (Eun Chan’s sister)

Coffee Prince OST

01. Lalala, It’s Love! – The Melody
02. White Love Story – As One
03. coffee han jan uh ddae? – Humming Urban Stereo (Feat. Yozoh)
04. Go Go Chan!! – Tearliner (Feat.Yozoh)
05. coffee hyang sul re im
06. For A While – MNI Min Jae
07. Mocha – Casker
08. ba da yuh haeng (Choi Han Sung Ver.) – Lee Sun Kyoon
09. haet sal han jo gak
10. Polly – The Melody
11. al kong dal kong
12. ba da yuh haeng – Tearliner
13. Double Shot – Casker
14. joh eun gi uk
15. ba ram eh sal myuh shi ahn da (ba da yuh haeng Piano Ver.) – Oh Soo Kyung
16. Go Go Chan!! (Broadcast Ver.) – Tearliner

additional song
Loveholic – hwa boon


처음엔 알지 못했어
나를 보는 그대의 그눈빛이
왜 그렇게 안타까웠는지
언제나 묻고 싶던 말
아주 조금 내맘 알고 있는지
한번도 얘기한적 없었지만

이젠 아는데 그대도 나처럼
하루하루 헤매였던걸
잠들수 없이 너무 아파 했었다는 걸
손을 잡아요
다시는 그대를 놓치 않을게
사랑해요 내가 숨쉬는 날까지

그대로 멈춰버렸죠
나에겐 늘 모질게만 대하던 그대가
날 보며 웃어주던날

이젠 아는데 그대도 나처럼
하루하루 헤매였던걸
잠들수 없이 너무 아파 했었다는 걸
손을 잡아줘
다시는 나를 놓치 말아요
사랑해요 내가 눈감는 날까지

울지 않아요
이제 그대 내곁에 있으니
고마워요 이렇게 모자란 내게
그대를 선물해줘서

I didn’t know at first
why your gaze, looking at me
made me feel so flustered
I always wanted to ask
if you understood just a little of my feelings
although I never told you

Now I know, how you were as lost
and wandering as I was
How you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep
Hold my hand,
I won’t let go of you again
I love you, as long as I breathe…

Things stood still
when you, who’d always treated me coldly,
smiled at me that day

Now I know, how you were as lost
and wandering as I was
How you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep
Hold my hand,
don’t let go of me
I love you, till the day I close my eyes in rest

I won’t cry
Now that you’re by my side
Thank you…
for giving me the gift of you