Vote for John Park

American Idol and Hollywood needs a good slap in the face.  Tuesday night demonstrated the realities of Hollywood and that it really is about looks.  After John Park had performed, the judges were trying to say without really saying it was that they can’t market an Asian male and they tried softening the language by saying he was challenged with “believability” and that his performance would soon be forgotten.  Sadly, Simon was the cruelest in his comments by telling him that he’ll most likely be going home this week.  That’s even before seeing the other contestants perform – John had only been the second performance of the night and it wasn’t even an awful performance.  It was what Simon really wants and it’s because he can’t market John and he’s already dismissed him.  It became even more obvious as the judges noted how some of the singers were presentable and “commercial,” and they would make references to a performers looks.  That further validates the underlying issue here with American Idol and John Park’s chances with the judges.  Can he sing?  He sure can.

However, not was all lost on Tuesday night as they had a pre-roll video of John Park’s life before his performance.  John was born in Chicago and he grew up speaking Korean because he moved to Korea as a youngster.  He returned to Chicago during the 4th grade and the rest is history.  He shared during the interview by Ryan Seacrest that it was difficult standing up in front of the judges the previous week and hearing their critiques of his performance.

This week, he decided to stick to his guns and sing John Mayer’s “Gravity.”  The song appeared to allow him to show more of his vocal range.  He seemed a bit more relaxed and maybe it was because it was the pace of the song or a song that was within his range.  Unfortunately, the judges were not to kind to his performance.

Randy said there was “Nothing new or spicy to it.”

Ellen said it was “so much better of a song choice,” but he needed “a little more soul into it.”

Kara noted how it was “way better than last week”.  She was concerned with “the connection.”  She encouraged him “to let loose” and “to take risks.”

Simon was naturally the harshest and said there was “nothing to get excited about” and he “struggle with the believability.”  BOO SIMON!

So I plead with all of you, please VOTE for John Park so we can give the guy a shot to prove himself to America.

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내가 제2의 빅뱅, 소녀시대, SS501이 된다면?
한국 유명 기획사에서 전문 트레이닝을 받을 수 있고 미국무대에서도 데뷔할 수 있는 기회가 주어지는 대규모 신인 발굴 오디션이 애틀랜타에서 열린다.

이든엔터테인먼트 (Eden Entertainment, 대표 Thomas Lee) 와 애틀랜타한국일보가 공동주최하는 신인 가수, 댄서, CF모델 선발 오디션이 3월 13일과 14일 이틀동안 한국일보 2층 스튜디오에서 열린다.

이번 오디션에서 선발된 참가자에게는 한국 최고의 가수 및 엔터테이너들을 배출한 YG엔터테인먼트, SM엔터테인먼트, DSP미디어, 내가네트워크, 정글엔터테인먼트 등 한국의 대표적인 5개 기획사에서 가수로 데뷔할 수 있는 기회가 주어진다.

YG는 ‘서태지와 아이들’출신인 양현석 대표가 운영하는 연예기획사로 세븐, 빅뱅, 2NE1 등이 활동하고 있으며, SM은 이수만 대표가 이끄는 기획사로 소녀시대, 수퍼주니어, 보아 등 한국최고의 가수들이 소속하고 있다. 또 DSP미디어는 SS501과 카라, 내가네트워크는 브라운 아이즈 걸즈, 정글은 드렁크 타이거 등이 활동하고 있는 한국 최고의 엔터테인먼트회사이다.
이번 오디션의 참가자격은 15세~25세의 끼와 열정이 있는 젊은 엔터테이너로 영어와 한국어를 구사할 수 있는 사람이면 된다.

한편 지난주 한국일보에 오디션 개최 기사가 나간뒤 신청자들이 몰려들고 있다. 첫날 100여명이 접수하는 등 매일 수십명씩 접수하고 있다.

토마스 리 이든엔터테인먼트 대표는 “외모는 상관없다. 실력 있고 열정이 있는 한인이라면 누구나 환영이다. 이번 오디션에서 선발된 사람에게는 한국 대형 기획사에서 심층오디션을 볼수 있는 기회를 제공함과 동시에 미국활동에 대한 전폭적인 지원이 있을 예정”이라며 많은 한인들의 관심을 당부했다.

이번에 마련한 대규모 신인발굴 오디션은 다른 미주지역이 정기적인 오디션을 통해 한인 젊은이들에게 엔터테인먼트 무대에 진출할 수 있는 기회를 제공하고 있는 반면에 애틀랜타를 비롯한 미 동남부지역에는 이런 기회가 없어 마련한 것으로, 한국일보와 이든은 애틀랜타 신인발굴 오디션을 매년 정기적으로 개최할 예정이다.

이번 오디션은 4명의 전문가들의 공정한 심사를 통해 진행된다. 오디션을 보길 원하는 사람은 미리 이메일 이나 웹사이트 를 통해 등록을 해야 한다.
또 이번 오디션에서 가수분야에 지원하는 사람은 무반주 노래 2곡을 준비해와야 하며 댄서를 지원하는 사람은 본인이 원하는 음악을 직접 준비해와야 한다.

Eden Entertainment, allkpop, Korea Times Atlanta and MBC will be holding open auditions on behalf of YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, DSP Media, Nega Network and Jungle Entertainment in Atlanta on March 13th and 14th.

We’re searching for the biggest and best talent to become the next hit sensation! I will personally be there to judge along with representatives from Eden Ent, Korea Times ATL, and MBC – So make sure to bring your A game!

Candidates must be between the ages of 15-25 years old and must be fluent in both English and Korean. We are looking for singers, dancers and CF models.

If you think you have what it takes, please send your applications prior to the date of the audition via email to: 

In the email, please include your full name, age and category (singer, dancer, cf model).

Please note: singers must be prepared to sing at least two songs, raw without music, whereas candidates trying out to be dancers must provide their own track.

Date : March 13-14, 2010
Time : 11:00 AM-4:00 PM
Place :
2174 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Suite 201
Duluth, GA 30096

Boa is Coming back Home

A lot of you were wondering what happen to Boa right?  She has been working mostly in Japan and USA for past 5 years.

BoA will come back to Korea after a five year absence from her home country. This year’s August 25th will mark a ten year anniversary for BoA. Yes, it has been ten years since Boa debuted at the age of 14.

The last Korean song she promoted was Girls On Top and now as a ten year anniversary celebration, she is returning. At the moment, she is on tour for her album Identity, but after the end of this tour, she will start to prepare for her Korean comeback.

Wonder Girls reveal feelings about Sunmi’s departure

Amid the pandemonium that followed Wonder Girls‘ Sunmi announcing her departure from the beloved girl group, the other members, Sunye, Yeeun, Sohee and Yoobin have revealed their personal feelings and reactions to Sunmi’s decision.

According to this report, Sunmi has long expressed her regrets about missing a normal life; after all, her schooling life was cut short  years back with the training period that the members underwent prior to their debut. “It’s hard to be away from your family when you’re young, so I understand Sunmi’s feelings,” Sohee, who is the same age as Sunmi, said.

The Wonder Girls revealed their shocked reaction when Sunmi announced her departure.

Like the fans … we initially panicked and said that Sunmi would regret it if she ended it here, and we asked her to be strong for a little more time. But then we had to think about what was really best for Sunmi. We thought about it for a long time and then told our company.

About the fans that are blaming JYP for bringing us to America “too soon.  We dreamed about stepping into America as we dreamed about being singers. We were scared that it was a bit early but it was something we wanted to do.

Sunmi of the Wonder Girls is important but Sunmi the individual is also important. Sunmi knows what’s best for her own life. We couldn’t hold on to her and know that she might regret staying as part of the Wonder Girls later. We wouldn’t be able to deal with that guilt.

Hae Lim probably won’t be able to fill Sunmi’s spot instantly because Sunmi has been with us for four to five years but she has a lot of potential.

It’s not true that one of the members cried on stage in China. Half of the rumors going on right now are false.

Sunmi has not quit the group, she’s just taking a break. Also, Hae Lim is now an official Wonder Girls’ member. If Sunmi wants, we will welcome here whenever.

It had to be five members because we can’t fill up for Sunmi’s spot. If we did, it’d be like Sunmi’s spot was never needed. Also, a six member group with Sunmi is very possible. Taking away members is a bad thing but adding is a good thing.

Sunmi didn’t come with us to Korea because we thought Sunmi and the fans would be really hurt if they saw each other.

The four Wonder Girls also held a meeting with a fan representative regarding 2PM that same afternoon.

After hearing the Wonder Girls themselves speaking out at this event, have your opinions changed? Do you think this is JYPE’s fault or not?

2NE1’s single “Try to Copy Me” unleashed


2NE1’s single “Try to Copy Me” unleashed

Brand new 2NE1 track was released out of nowhere… and now the song is already out! This track is titled Try to Copy Me and is 2NE1’s highly anticipated return track.

Meet the Wonder Girls!

Meet the Wonder Girls!

The Wonder Girls will be at two H Mart locations, but in order to meet them, you will need to pick up a physical copy of their latest Nobody Rainstone Remix (English Version) at your local H Mart!

Participating H Mart locations:

California – Diamond Bar, Irvine, Norwalk.
Colorado – Aurora.
Georgia – Duluth, Riverdale, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Doraville.
Illinois – Niles, Naperville.
Maryland – Catonsville, Wheaton, Gaithersburg.
Massachusetts – Burlington
New York – Manhattan, Union, Northern 141, Northern 156, Williston Park, Great Neck.
New Jersey – Ridgefield, Little Ferry, Englewood, Fort Lee, Cherry Hill.
Oregon – Tigard.
Pennsylvania – Elkins Park, Levittown, Upper Darby.
Texas – Carrollton, Houston.
Virginia – Fairfax, Falls Church, Annandale.
Washington – Lynnwood, Federal Way.

Once you have picked up a physical copy of the cd, this will be your ticket to MEET the Wonder Girls IN PERSON at these two select H Mart locations:

H Mart Store in Ridgefield, NJ: 2/11 @ 4-6pm
321 Broad Ave. Ridgefield, NJ 07657

H Mart Store in Lynnwood, WA: 2/13 @ 3-5pm
3301 184th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037


2PM is a South Korean boy band, originally a seven-member group, but currently consisting of six members due to sudden withdrawal of leader Jaebeom following an Internet controversy in September 2009. They are managed by JYP Entertainment. The current members are Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Chansung.

Junsu (준수)

* Full Name: Kim Junsu (김준수)
* Date of Birth: January 15, 1988 (1988-01-15) (age 22)
* Position: Lead vocalist

Born in Daegu, South Korea, he originally auditioned for YG Entertainment, where he befriended G-Dragon and Tae Yang of Big Bang. He was accepted into both YG & JYP Entertainment, but chose to take the path of JYP in his final decision.
Nichkhun (닉쿤)

* Full Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล)
* Date of Birth: June 24, 1988 (1988-06-24) (age 21)
* Position: Vocalist

An American citizen of Thai and Chinese descent, he was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He spent his childhood in Thailand and in California and studied abroad in New Zealand. He returned to the States for high school at Los Osos High and was scouted by a JYP talent agent in Hollywood, California while he was attending the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles.[3] Nichkhun has been confirmed to star in 2010 film “The Shining Diploma”.[32]
Taecyeon (택연)

* Full Name: Ok Taecyeon (옥택연)
* Date of Birth: December 27, 1988 (1988-12-27) (age 21)
* Position: Main rapper, vocalist

He was born in Seoul, South Korea but migrated to Bedford, Massachusetts for approximately seven years.[33] He originally auditioned for JYP Entertainment in New York City to become a model. Taec was also on the same audition show as Junho and Chansung, Superstar Survival, but was the first contestant to leave the show. He featured in “Yes I’m In Love” by Bada on her 4th album and Baek Ji Young’s 2009 song “내 귀에 캔디” (My Ear’s Candy). He currently hosts SBS’s music show Inkigayo with Wooyoung, and will be a permanent cast member on the upcoming second season of the SBS celebrity variety show, Family Outing.
Wooyoung (우영)

* Full Name: Jang Wooyoung (장우영)
* Date of Birth: April 30, 1989 (1989-04-30) (age 20)
* Position: Main vocalist

He is from Busan, Korea and was selected as a JYP trainee through MGoon’s JYP auditions, of which he won first place against 1,000 other candidates. Before debuting in 2PM, Wooyoung filled in as a dancer partner with Wonder Girl Yoobin when TOP from Big Bang fainted the day before the special performance with the Wonder Girls during the 2007 MBC Music Awards. Wooyoung currently hosts SBS’s music show Inkigayo with Taecyeon.[34]
Junho (준호)

* Full Name: Lee Junho (이준호)
* Date of Birth: January 25, 1990 (1990-01-25) (age 20)
* Position: Main vocalist

He earned a contract with JYP Entertainment after winning a contest in JYP’s Superstar Survival in 2006.
Chansung (찬성)

* Full Name: Hwang Chansung (황찬성)
* Date of Birth: February 11, 1990 (1990-02-11) (age 19)
* Position: Vocalist, rapper

Chansung acted in the Korean sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick” prior to his debut with 2PM. Chansung participated in the same survival game as Junho but lost. He auditioned a second time and was accepted into the company.
Jaebeom (재범)

* Full Name: Park Jaebeom (박재범)
* English Name: Jay Park
* Date of Birth: April 25, 1987 (1987-04-25) (age 22)
* Position: Leader, main vocalist, rapper

Jaebeom was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Originally entering JYP Entertainment as a rapper and b-boy, he trained for four years to improve his singing and Korean. It was initially his mother who led him to apply as he wished to not attend college, and Jin-Young Park (JYP) himself watched his audition and brought him to Korea. He collaborated with Yeeun of Wonder Girls for “正” (“Jeong”) on the Han Sung Byul Gok OST. Due to a controversial case over his MySpace page, he left the group on September 8, 2009.