Korean Shopping Phrases

Korean Shopping Phrases

Except for duty-free shops or shops in Itaewon, you may run into communication problems. If you know a few Korean shopping expressions, you’ll find your shopping experience more enjoyable and you may even be able to bargain for lower prices.

얼마예요? Eol-ma ye-yo How much is it?

비싸요. Bi-ssa-yo It is expensive.

좀 깎아주세요. Jom ggak-a-ju-se-yo Give me a discount, please.

좀 입어봐도(신어봐도) 될까요? Jom ibeo-bado doel-ka-yo? Can I try it on?

Major Shopping Words

옷 Ot Clothes 티셔츠

T-sheo-cheu T-Shirt

바지 Ba-ji Pants

신발 Shin-bal Shoes

치마 Chi-ma Skirt

영수증 Yeong-su-jeung Receipt