Teaching Jobs in Korea

Places for teaching English in Korea

1. Hagwon – private academy for students as young as kindergarden to Audults.

2. Public Schools – Korean public schools.

3. University – Need at least a masters degree needed on most cases.

4. Privates – Private lessons for all ages. Typical pay is between 30,000won – 60,000won/hr.

Korean Visa Types

Korean Visa Types for teaching English in Korea

A-1 Diplomat
A-2 Government Official
A-3 Treaty

B-1 Exempt from Visa
B-2 Pass Without VisaC-1 Short-Term News Coverage Activities
C-2 Short-Term Business Visitor
C-3 Short-Term General (Tourist)
C-4 Short-Term Employment
D-1 Cultural/Artist
D-2 Student
D-3 Industrial Trainee
D-4 General Trainee
D-5 General News Coverage Activities
D-6 Religious Visitor/Missionary
D-7 Employee of Foreign-Invested Company
D-8 Investor
D-9 Trade and Management

E-1 Professor
E-2 English Conversation Teacher
E-3 Researcher
E-4 Technical Instructor
E-5 Professional Consultant
E-6 Entertainer
E-7 Specially Designated Profession
E-8 Employed Trainee
E-9 Non-professional Employment
E-10 Vessel Crew

F-1 Visit
F-2 Long-Term Resident
F-3 Dependent
F-4 Korean Overseas
F-5 Permanent Foreign Resident

G-1 Others