What Makes Jeonju Bibimbap So Special

What Makes Jeonju Bibimbap So Special

Jeonju is considered as the home of bibimbap, the famous Korean dish of rice with vegetables and beef. The rice used for bibimbap in Jeonju is cooked not in plain water but in beef broth so it looks and tastes better.

Bean sprouts, a key ingredient in Jeonju bibimbap, are Rhynchosia volubilis from Imsil, North Jeolla Province. Even if cooked for a long time, they do not get too mushy but retain their crispiness.

Bean sprouts are usually cooked in the last stage of rice cooking, and Jeonju bibimbap is usually served with clear bean sprout soup. Other vegetables like spinach, balloon roots, drop water and shiitake mushrooms are also included along with raw marinated beef and red pepper paste. This makes the dish healthy food, providing all the key nutrients in one bowl.

From chosun.com

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