2PM’s criticism of Jae-beom triggers backlash

Fans of 2PM have vented indignation toward the top boy band after the members expressed hatred toward their former leader Jae-beom.

Some angry fans have shut down their online fan sites for 2PM and called on TV networks to block the group’s appearance on show programs.

The anger escalated after the six members held a debate forum on Feb. 27 with fans to discuss their future course of action.

During the meeting, the group members unexpectedly voiced criticism of Jae-beom. Asked if they support Jae-beom’s withdrawal from the group, all the six remaining members said “Yes” without any hesitation. They said he behaved inappropriately as a group member.

Last year, Jae-beom left the boy band and flew back to his hometown in Seattle because of a complaint about Korea he had posted on a website four years ago. Minus Jae-beom, the six remaining members have continued their music activities by releasing a new album.

In the debate forum, Chan-sung, a member of the boy band, said to the fans. “We tried to understand Jae-beom. We even put up with your boycott (against the management agency and us). But why do you blame us, not Jae-beom, again and again?”

Another member Taec-yeon said, “You may think that we have not protected him, but we have done so by not revealing what he had done. Rumors go away.”

But the 2PM members’ criticism of Jae-beom immediately triggered a backlash from both the fans and netizens.

The fans, who longed for Jae-beom’s comeback for the last six months, were shocked as the six members made it clear that they do not want the ex-leader to rejoin. They said they felt betrayed that the members of 2PM turned their backs on Jae-beom.

Some fans suspected that the six members might have been concerned about the possible comeback of Jae-beom who enjoyed the highest popularity among group members.

According to sources from the fan sites, the current 2PM members recently renewed their contract with the JYP Entertainment, without Jae-beom.

2PM이 지난 27일에 열린 팬 간담회에서 전 멤버였던 재범에 대한 반감을 표출함으로써 팬들의 강한 분노를 사고 있다. 격분한 팬들은 수십 개에 달하는 팬 사이트를 폐쇄하였고 멤버들의 방송 하차를 요구하고 있다.

간담회에서 여섯 멤버들은 재범이 2PM 멤버로서 부적합한 일을 했다고 밝혔고 JYP측 또한 “재범 아닌 오히려 남은 멤버들이 피해자”라는 주장했다.

찬성은 “저희도 박재범을 이해하려고 했다. 보이콧도 참았다. 하지만 왜 자꾸 박재범이 아닌 저희 탓만 하는 거냐”며 강한 불만을 터뜨렸다.

또 다른 멤버인 택연은 “저희가 전혀 방어를 안하고 있다고 생각하시지만 재범이 형이 무슨 일을 했는지에 대해서 밝히지 않는 것만으로도 (방어를 하고 있다). 루머는 사라진다”고 말했다.

지난 6개월간 재범의 재결합만 애타게 기다려온 팬들은 이날 여섯 멤버들이 재범이 컴백하길 원치 않는다는 것을 분명히 한 것에 충격을 받은 것으로 보인다. 팬들은 2PM 멤버들이 재범에게 등을 돌린 사실에 배신감을 느꼈다고 전했다.

또 현재 거론되고 있는 재범의 ‘심각한 사생활’이 아니라 가장 인기 있던 멤버인 재범이 컴백하는 것을 다른 멤버들이 우려한 것이 탈퇴를 동의한 진짜 이유가 아니겠냐는 의견이 설득력을 얻고 있다. 몇몇 팬사이트에 따르면 재범을 뺀 2PM 멤버들은 최근 현 소속사인 JYP 엔터테인먼트와 재계약을 체결한 것으로 알려졌다.

Korea Herald

2 Responses

  1. fans/anti fans/coldests/hottests, whatever.

    they really get too caught up into it.. sigh..

    I guess they’d wanna go on till they destroy the whole group..

    too much emo-drama for me..

  2. Yeah, it’s crazy huh?
    Why don’t they just all get along.

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